Str tegic consulting services

In a fast moving world of technology & digital transformation, we are your strategic guide. We take both an advisory and execution role depending on your companies needs and challenges.


Our mission

Our mission is to support and/or guide our customers in their strategic endeavors combining senior broad technological, service and business insights with deep technical expertise in a vast ICT technological eco-system.

When our customers face strategic challenges in an ICT multi-dimensional way, we are at the sweet spot of our capabilities. Our value is maximized when the consultancy requests covers multiple technological domains, transition or transformational challenges, service quality assurance and/or business versus technology alignment requests.

Our approach is based on the fact that we combine senior and seasoned ICT management skills with deep technological, process and cultural change capabilities.  We are especially keen on helping our customers in both the exploration phase as well as in the executions phase. This makes that our strategic advise does not have to end on paper, but is preferably also converted into practice.

As we practice agile design thinking principles, LEAN startup and scaling practices our customers can expect from us very concrete actionable progress steps, however always guided by a long term strategic beacon.

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Technology advisory

Starting from the business perspective, we offer a vendor neutral and technological agnostic approach to support our customers in their technological strategic choices or assessments.

  • Technology advisory
  • ICT eco-system maturity assessment
  • ICT Roadmap definition and execution
  • ICT Financial assessments & consultancy
  • Due Diligence services

CxO Services

With our CxO Services we want to enable our customers to offload some of their activities to a trusted senior IT expert with a serious track record in IT management services. Our experts are highly appreciated for their ability to act as a trusted but critical sounding board services. Our services include:

  • CIO & CDO Trusted Advisory
  • CIO as a Service
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Transition & tranformation


Our transition and transformational advisory services focus on helping our customers to progress from their current mode of operations towards a defined target mode of operations. Most often this does not happen in one single step, but many well defined steps in between. Our services include:

  • Transition & Transformation advisory
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Technology Change Management
  • Process & Governance Change Management

Transition & tranformation


As indicated in our mission, we do not only conduct the explorative services putting the target into a defined theoretical state. We complement these services with the actual management of the execution related with the defined target modus. Our services include:

  • Transition & Transformation execution
  • Program Management
  • Senior Project Management
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