About Pantarh

In a fast moving world of technology & digital transformation, we are your strategic guide. We take both an advisory and execution role depending on your companies needs and challenges.


Our team

We are a team of senior ICT managers / consultants with a proven track record in the field of ICT management and consultancy services. We have a keen interest to take up challenges that only have been high level defined in a business format by our customers and take it from there. Exploring all the dimensions involved and slicing the challenge in manageable domains cross multiple ICT disciplines.

In our endeavors we are not risk averse, but ensure a well-managed risk vs reward outcome while coping with complexity and uncertainty. We love to take out the blocking factors and take positions to ensure progress.

Our values

  • Strong will to succeed, yet modest in our approach and above all integrity at its core.
  • Fine dining and sportsmanship team
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Join our crew

Check back soon for our open vacancies. Really can't wait? 

Part of the Cronos group

Pantarh is a brand name with the Cronos Group which has its home base in the Antwerp area of Belgium and is an organization with a turnover of 800 M€+ and more than 6000 ICT professionals.

This allows us to also help you with complementary solutions and services from the group if needed or requested.

These cover a broad and innovative portfolio ranging from infrastructure to custom software development and emerging technologies such as AI, chatbots, IOT and many more.

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